Appliance Repair in Colwich, KS

Colwich is a small city that has a lot of hard working residents. These are people who understand the importance of valuing every dollar that comes in. That means that when they purchase an appliance, they want to make sure they can keep it as long as possible. Inevitably, you will require the services of an appliance repair company. Appliance Doctor Heating and Air Conditioning offers high quality appliance repair services in Colwich that can come out to help you when you need them.

What to look for: How do you know that Appliance Doctor is a great company? First of all, we offer a one year warranty on their services. Not all companies have a warranty on their services, showing you that we area really a trustworthy company. You can trust in the work that we do because we stand by our work. That will make you feel a lot better about your repairs.

Emergency services are important: Sometimes things like your air conditioning/HVAC or your furnace go down. When that happens, you may think that you need to suck it up until someone can come out in a day or two. This is why you should look for a company that offers emergency repair services all day long, every day.

Appliance Doctor is happy to offer the following services to Colwich and its surrounding cities:

Air Conditioning/HVAC Repair

It can get pretty hot sometimes and you cannot afford to have your air conditioning go down. Appliance Doctor is able to fix units from all of the top brands. Is something wrong that our experts cannot fix? We also sell replacement units from Tempstar and Rheem, if that is something that you end up needing.

Furnace Repair

Being too cold is just as awful as being too hot. That is why when your furnace stops working, you need it to be fixed as soon as possible. That is why Appliance Doctor offers emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If your furnace (or even your air conditioner) stops working at the worst time possible, a member of our team will come out as soon as they can to make sure that you are not left out in the cold for too long. To help prevent a costly replacement we provide a comprehensive furnace maintenance plan that will ensure your unit is always ready for the winter.

Large Appliance Repair

Appliance Doctor is able to repair most household appliances including water heaters, ranges, cooktops, and dryers. We are able to fix the top manufacturers of household appliances. If that was not good enough, we offer a one year warranty on the work that has been completed so if something goes wrong we will come out and re-evaluate the issue.

Appliance Doctor is the best place in the Colwich area to have your appliances repaired. We have so many services that we will surely be able to help you with whatever you need. Check out the website to see more detailed information on all of these great services that we offer and show you how can contact us.